Squidward Tentacles is one of the main characters of the Nickelodeon hit TV show, SpongeBob SquarePants. He is an octopus who lives in a Easter Island House.


Squidward Tentacles


Squidward is a light blue octopus with a "big nose" and a round shaped head. He has a long neck and hands and feet with purple sunction cups on it. He usually wears a brown shirt.


Squidward is usually a mean, rude, and short tempered character who is usually annoyed by his two neighbors SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star, who are usually seen annoying him, mainly because they want him to come play with them. Squidward usually has two personalities, a mean and selfish personality, and a nice and calm personality (mainly when SpongeBob does not annoy him.)

First appearanceEdit

Squidward made his debut in the pilot episode, "Help Wanted." He made his first every appearance when he was washing off, "Loser" on the Krusty Krab window. His first line was "Oh no, SpongeBob, what could he possibly want?"