Space Shuttle Endeavour was NASA's 5th rated reusable Space Shuttle. 


Endeavour was built as Challenger's replacement. The shuttle first flew on STS-49, repairing several broken satelites. Endeavour flew 25 missions, coming in at #4, after Discovery, Atlantis, and Columbia. Endeavour was the final shuttle to launch in darkness, but not to land in it. It is 4th most travelled. It was the first shuttle to repair the Hubble Space Telescope on STS-63. It fixed a failed optical mirror. Her final mission was STS-134, which was supposed to close the shuttles, but Atlantis did that with STS-135. It is now on display in California, which many think is incorrect.


  • It is the second lightest shuttle.
  • To get her to retierment, thousands of trees, and buildings came down, or were moved. (Search: Space Shuttle Endeavour ride to Retirement in YouTube.)
  • Yongest Shuttle, dubbed with the nickname "Baby Shuttle" (Atlantis was the baby, until Challneger blew up).