Space Shuttle Discovery was NASA's 3rd rated reusable Space Shuttle. 


Discovery first flew on STS-41D, carrying a sattelite. In all, she flew 39 missions, totalling 365 days in space, and 180 Million Miles Flown. Therefore, Discovery is the most travelled vehicle on Earth, and travelled far enough to reach Jupiter. In 1990, Discovery launched the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). She was the return to flight vehicle for STS-26, after Challenger, and STS-114, after Columbia. (STS-114 was supposed to be an honor to Atlantis.) Discovery flew her final mission, STS-133 in February of 2011. She landed, and was transported to Washington DC, where she sits on display, at the Smithsonian.


  • Heaviest survior oribiter.
  • Most famous oribter.
  • Fixed Hubble twice.
  • Oldest survivor orbiter.
  • A Buzz Lightyear doll from Toy Story, was launched on Discovery, spent 480 days in space aboard the International Space Station, and returned on Discovery, as well.
  • Dirtiest orbiter. By that, she has re-entered the most, so is the dirtiest from the heat. Atlantis is ranked second in that category.