Space Shuttle Atlantis was NASA's 4th rated reusable Space Shuttle. 


Atlantis was first launched on October 3, 1985, on mission STS-51J. Atlantis carried a DOD load on that mission, as well as others. In all, it flew 33 Missions, including the final mission, STS-135. It launched the satelites Galileo to Jupiter, and Magellen to Venus. It pioneered the way with America, and Russia, by docking with MIR on STS-71, followed by 7 other trips to MIR by Atlantis. It finished out her career with STS-135, and delivered the final Shuttle supplies to the ISS. When It landed, it was retired, and placed at KSC, on display for visitors.


  • It is the only vehicle to not be able to draw power from the ISS.
  • It is the lightest orbiter. It is 3 pounds lighter than Endeavour, and 300 Pounds lighter than Discovery.
  • Only orbiter to sustain movie rights to use in film.
  • Astronauts have stated Atlantis lands harder, than all other shuttles.
  • Tends to have most problems during launch prep. From landing to stacking.