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This wiki is about all cartoon characters, software on computers, and basically everything on this wiki that does not include bad stuff or violence.

See Jacktheguy5's New Wiki

Jacktheguy5 has created a new wiki called, "Movie Studios Wiki" which is about all computer games in the United States. If you want to see it, here is a link: If you have questions about it, ask Jacktheguy5 on his message wall.


Mickey Mouse

Why did I create this wiki?

I created this wiki to show all the people everything including cartoon characters, and other stuff too.

If you want to be a bureaucrat...

If you would like to be a bureaucrat on this wiki, you will need to at least have 100 edits since you first started, and at least 250 achievement points. When you have done that, please contact Jacktheguy5 on his message wall.

If you want to be an administrator...

If you would like to be an administrator on this wiki, you will need to have at least 50 edits since you first started, and 100 achievement points. Then contact Jacktheguy5 on his message wall.

Home page sandbox

Right here is a test part for the homepage. Presently, there is not meaning to this part of the home page.

Should this be a success trial, we may use it as our home page.

If not, it will be deleted, and all reinstated as normal.

Welcome to the Jacktheguy5 wiki!!

 Share your opinions with other users on pages! This place has news and badges, this wiki sponsors no wiki's yet. And doesn't recieve any support yet.

There are lots of pages (over 40), lots of users (over 20), and lots of pictures (over 60) since July 2014!


You can click "edit" on numerous pages, and edit them. Make sure they stay happy, and positive. We'd hate to see your pretty face in a blockade.

Latest activity

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SpongeBob SquarePants

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